Hollywood, FL

Wouldn't it be great to live in Hollywood, be by the ocean, and be able to afford the very best the area has to offer? The best way to achieve your Hollywood goals is to live in Hollywood FL. The median home value in Hollywood FL is well above the Florida state average, but you can find a Florida realtor who can get you into the home of your dreams for a price you can afford in this Hollywood. You can contact Ruth Klein real estate and start exploring everything that Hollywood FL has to offer.

Why Live Here?

Hollywood FL is a well-organized planned community that was founded in 1925 to be the motion picture capital of the East Coast. Since it was established, the population of Hollywood has steadily grown as the city continues to attract people. Your Florida realtor will tell you that in Hollywood FL, there is an appreciation for local food, local music, and everything a lifestyle on the beach has to offer.

The lifestyle in Hollywood is luxury, bright lights, big city, and plenty of ways to get away from it all. The community offers over 60 public parks and seven golf courses to help people to just relax. At night, the restaurants and nightclubs take over to offer everyone the very best in entertainment.


Hollywood FL has several public and private high schools to offer parents plenty of options and students the best possible education. Despite the large population in Hollywood, the school system is large enough to accommodate every student comfortably. The largest elementary school has just under 1,200 students, which gives teachers plenty of chances to offer children the foundation they need for an excellent education.


If you are looking for a place where you can advance your career, then Hollywood is the place. The unemployment rate in Hollywood is well below the national average and below the state average as well. Growth in Hollywood is planned very carefully, which means that construction is always a big industry. The shops and stores in Hollywood are world famous, and that makes the retail a primary hiring industry for the area. There is also a need for civil administrators and transportation experts in Hollywood FL as well.


Hollywood FL is a port for many cruise lines, which makes it easy to catch a cruise whenever you want. The Hollywood Boardwalk is two and a half miles of attractions that run day and night, and there are plenty of restaurants along the sandy beaches as well. At the spot known as Young Circle, each Monday features a wide variety of food trucks offering food from countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, and Jamaica.

Parks and Recreation

When it is time to relax in Hollywood, then it is time to hit the beaches and just watch the waves go by. If you want something a bit more inland, then you can enjoy one of the 60 public parks that are professionally maintained all year round. The Four Aces Amusement Park is something the entire family can enjoy, while the Historic Downtown area has plenty to see and do as well.

Real Estate

Ruth Klein Real Estate is a premier Florida realtor in the Hollywood area who can find you the perfect place in the perfect location. Home prices have been on a steady upward swing, which makes now the ideal time to invest in Hollywood property. Whether you want a property on the beach or something closer to the inland area, Ruth Klein real estate has your answer.